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Airports within 100 km around New York City

Browse all airports in United States within a radius of 100 km around New York City.

198 airports found in United States within 100 km around New York City.

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of airports around New York City: 15 km50 km
Airports 100 km around New York City

Airports 100 km around New York City

198 airports found in United States within 100 km around New York City.
Airports in the regional area of New York City
Airport Newport Helistop Newport Helistop-2.3 km 1.4 mishow
Airport Rollins Jersey City Helistop Rollins Jersey City Helistop-2.5 km 1.6 mishow
Airport Midtown Skyport Midtown Skyport-3.5 km 2.2 mishow
Airport New York Skyports Incorporated Seaplane Base New York Skyports Incorporated Seaplane Base-3.6 km 2.2 mishow
Airport Kearny Helistop Kearny Helistop-8.0 km 5.0 mishow
Airport Jersey City Seaplane Base Jersey City Seaplane Base-8.6 km 5.3 mishow
Airport Terminal Newark One Helistop Terminal Newark One Helistop-10.4 km 6.4 mishow
Airport Chem-Fleur Helistop Chem-Fleur Helistop-10.7 km 6.7 mishow
Airport Sky Harbor Seaplane Terminal Sky Harbor Seaplane Terminal-11.4 km 7.1 mishow
Airport Port Newark Helistop Port Newark Helistop-12.2 km 7.6 mishow
Airport New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority-12.3 km 7.7 mishow
Airport Violas Helistop Violas Helistop-13.1 km 8.2 mishow
La Guardia Airport La Guardia AirportKLGA, LGA13.2 km 8.2 mishow
Airport Newark Dock Newark Dock-13.7 km 8.5 mishow
Airport Edo Seaplane Base Edo Seaplane Base-14.1 km 8.8 mishow
Newark Liberty International Airport Newark Liberty International AirportEWR, KEWR14.4 km 9.0 mishow
Airport Pfister Helistop Pfister Helistop-15 km 9 mishow
Airport Little Ferry Seaplane Base Little Ferry Seaplane Base-15 km 9 mishow
Airport Brooklyn Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn Coast Guard Air Station-16 km 10 mishow
Teterboro Airport Teterboro AirportKTEB, TEB16 km 10 mishow
Airport Passaic River Seaplane Base Passaic River Seaplane Base-16 km 10 mishow
Airport Suburban Helistop Suburban Helistop-17 km 10 mishow
Airport Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base-20 km 13 mishow
John F Kennedy International Airport John F Kennedy International AirportJFK, KJFK21 km 13 mishow
Airport Evers Seaplane Base Evers Seaplane Base-22 km 14 mishow
Linden Airport Linden AirportKLDJ, LDJ23 km 14 mishow
Airport Union County Union County25 km 15 mishow
Airport Bendelius Bendelius-27 km 16 mishow
Airport Rahway Plant Rahway Plant-27 km 17 mishow
Airport Sands Point Seaplane Base Sands Point Seaplane Base-28 km 17 mishow
Essex County Airport Essex County AirportCDW, KCDW29 km 18 mishow
Airport Tussels Tussels-31 km 19 mishow
Airport Elizabethtown Helistop Elizabethtown Helistop-31 km 19 mishow
Airport Rapport Rapport-31 km 19 mishow
Airport Sutton-Metro Park Sutton-Metro Park-31 km 19 mishow
Airport New Jersey Highway Authority - Administration Building Helispot New Jersey Highway Authority - Administration Building Helispot-32 km 20 mishow
Airport Ciba-Geigy Ciba-Geigy-32 km 20 mishow
Airport Highlands Seaplane Base Highlands Seaplane Base-33 km 21 mishow
Morristown Municipal Airport Morristown Municipal AirportKMMU, MMU36 km 22 mishow
Airport Wayne Office Helistop Wayne Office Helistop-36 km 22 mishow
Airport New Jersey Steel Helistop New Jersey Steel Helistop-37 km 23 mishow
Lincoln Park Airport Lincoln Park Airport-37 km 23 mishow
Airport State Police Holmdel Helispot State Police Holmdel Helispot-39 km 24 mishow
Airport Highlands Seaplane Base Highlands Seaplane Base-39 km 24 mishow
Airport Morristown Memorial Hospital Morristown Memorial Hospital-39 km 24 mishow
Airport Cruz-Sayreville Cruz-Sayreville-40 km 25 mishow
Airport Interpace Corporation Interpace Corporation-41 km 25 mishow
Airport Hercules Parlin Hercules Parlin-41 km 25 mishow
Airport Marine Park Marine Park-41 km 25 mishow
Airport Mennen Mennen-41 km 25 mishow
Airport Monmouth Beach Monmouth Beach-42 km 26 mishow
Airport East Brunswick East Brunswick-42 km 26 mishow
Airport Jersey Turnpike New Brunswick Helistop Jersey Turnpike New Brunswick Helistop-43 km 27 mishow
Airport Still Pond Still Pond-43 km 27 mishow
Hop Brook Farm Airport Hop Brook Farm Airport-43 km 27 mishow
Aircraft Radio Corporation Airport Aircraft Radio Corporation Airport-43 km 27 mishow
Airport Purolator Helistop Purolator Helistop-44 km 27 mishow
Airport AT and T Helistop AT and T Helistop-46 km 28 mishow
Airport One Hundred and Ninetyfive Broadway Corporation One Hundred and Ninetyfive Broadway Corporation-46 km 29 mishow
Airport 185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop 185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop-46 km 29 mishow
Airport E A I Landing Strip E A I Landing Strip-46 km 29 mishow
Westchester County Airport Westchester County AirportHPN, KHPN47 km 29 mishow
Westbrook Valley Airport Westbrook Valley Airport-49 km 30 mishow
Airport Alexanders-Eatontown Alexanders-Eatontown-49 km 30 mishow
Hill Top Airport Hill Top Airport-50 km 31 mishow
Republic Airport Republic AirportFRG, KFRG50 km 31 mishow
Werner Airport Werner Airport-51 km 32 mishow
Airport Old Bridge Seaplane Base Old Bridge Seaplane Base-51 km 32 mishow
Airport Johns-Manville Johns-Manville-52 km 32 mishow
Old Bridge Airport Old Bridge Airport-52 km 32 mishow
Airport Mack Trucks Helistop Mack Trucks Helistop-52 km 32 mishow
Airport Idylease Helistop Idylease Helistop-52 km 32 mishow
Airport Huntington Emergency Helistop Huntington Emergency Helistop-53 km 33 mishow
Airport Cyanamid Stamford Helistop Cyanamid Stamford Helistop-53 km 33 mishow
Airport Arradcom Air Park Arradcom Air Park-53 km 33 mishow
Greenwood Lake Airport Greenwood Lake Airport-54 km 34 mishow
Central Jersey Regional Airport Central Jersey Regional AirportJVI54 km 34 mishow
Airport Warner-Lambert Warner-Lambert-56 km 35 mishow
Somerset Airport Somerset AirportKSMQ, SMQ57 km 35 mishow
Airport Deer Park Deer ParkDPK57 km 35 mishow
Airport Stonebridge Farm Helistop Stonebridge Farm Helistop-58 km 36 mishow
Airport High Time Farm Helistop High Time Farm Helistop-58 km 36 mishow
Mar Bar L Farms Airport Mar Bar L Farms Airport-58 km 36 mishow
Flanders Valley Airport Flanders Valley Airport-59 km 36 mishow
Airport Greenwood Lake Seaplane Base Greenwood Lake Seaplane Base-59 km 37 mishow
Monmouth Executive Airport Monmouth Executive AirportBLM, KBLM59 km 37 mishow
Airport Peekskill Seaplane Base Peekskill Seaplane Base-59 km 37 mishow
Airport Croton Airpark Croton Airpark-59 km 37 mishow
Airport City Federal City Federal-61 km 38 mishow
Fla-Net Airport Fla-Net Airport-62 km 38 mishow
Peters Airport Peters Airport-62 km 39 mishow
Cuddihy Landing Strip Airport Cuddihy Landing Strip Airport-63 km 39 mishow
Solberg-Hunterdon Airport Solberg-Hunterdon Airport-63 km 39 mishow
Ekdahl Airport Ekdahl Airport-63 km 39 mishow
Airport Garden State Balloonport Garden State Balloonport-65 km 40 mishow
Princeton Airport Princeton AirportPCT65 km 41 mishow
Lance Airport Lance Airport-68 km 42 mishow
Airport Whisman Whisman-68 km 42 mishow
Warwick Municipal Airport Warwick Municipal Airport-68 km 42 mishow
Airport Merritt 7 Helistop Merritt 7 Helistop-68 km 42 mishow
Scheller Airport Scheller Airport-69 km 43 mishow
Aeroflex-Andover Airport Aeroflex-Andover Airport70 km 43 mishow
Trinca Airport Trinca Airport-71 km 44 mishow
Herr Mountain Airport Herr Mountain Airport-72 km 45 mishow
Newton Airport Newton Airport-72 km 45 mishow
Airport Thompson Landing Thompson Landing-72 km 45 mishow
Hackettstown Airport Hackettstown Airport-73 km 45 mishow
Perl Acres Airport Perl Acres Airport-73 km 45 mishow
Lakewood Airport Lakewood Airport-74 km 46 mishow
Airport American Cyanamid Helistop American Cyanamid Helistop-74 km 46 mishow
Airport PSE and G Trenton Distribution Helistop PSE and G Trenton Distribution Helistop-74 km 46 mishow
Airport Sliker Strip Sliker Strip-74 km 46 mishow
Orange Poultry Farm Airport Orange Poultry Farm Airport-75 km 47 mishow
Sussex Airport Sussex AirportFWN, KFWN75 km 47 mishow
O'Dwyer Airport O'Dwyer Airport-75 km 47 mishow
Trenton-Robbinsville Airport Trenton-Robbinsville Airport-75 km 47 mishow
Weiss Farm Airport Weiss Farm Airport-76 km 47 mishow
Airport Copper Penny Copper Penny-76 km 47 mishow
Big Island Airport Big Island Airport-76 km 47 mishow
Airport Mantoloking Mantoloking-77 km 48 mishow
Mahopac Airport Mahopac Airport-77 km 48 mishow
Long Island Mac Arthur Airport Long Island Mac Arthur AirportISP, KISP77 km 48 mishow
Teeny Weeny Acres Airport Teeny Weeny Acres Airport-77 km 48 mishow
Twin Pine Airport Twin Pine Airport-78 km 48 mishow
Airport Congoleum Helistop Congoleum Helistop-79 km 49 mishow
John E Rogers Airport John E Rogers Airport-79 km 49 mishow
Mock Airport Mock Airport-79 km 49 mishow
Vliet Airport Vliet Airport-80 km 50 mishow
Edwards Airport Edwards Airport-81 km 50 mishow
Airport Bayport Aerodrome Bayport Aerodrome-81 km 50 mishow
Airport Waterfront Floating Helistop Waterfront Floating Helistop-81 km 50 mishow
Airport Ksayian Ksayian-81 km 50 mishow
Airport Ewing Complex Ewing Complex-83 km 51 mishow
Weidel (Private) Airport Weidel (Private) Airport-83 km 52 mishow
Airport Saint Francis Medical Center Helistop Saint Francis Medical Center Helistop-83 km 52 mishow
Hough-McGee Airport Hough-McGee Airport-84 km 52 mishow
Sky Manor Airport Sky Manor Airport-84 km 52 mishow
Trenton Mercer Airport Trenton Mercer AirportKTTN, TTN84 km 52 mishow
Airport Department of Transportation Department of Transportation-84 km 52 mishow
Westtown Airport Westtown Airport-84 km 52 mishow
Airport Mercer Medical Center Mercer Medical Center-85 km 53 mishow
The Landing Airport The Landing Airport-85 km 53 mishow
Danbury Municipal Airport Danbury Municipal AirportDXR, KDXR85 km 53 mishow
Parker Airport Parker Airport-86 km 53 mishow
Randall Airport Randall Airport-86 km 54 mishow
Airport Formica Formica-86 km 54 mishow
High Meadow Farms Airport High Meadow Farms Airport-86 km 54 mishow
Goat Hill Airport Goat Hill Airport-86 km 54 mishow
Coram Airport Coram Airport-87 km 54 mishow
Alexandria Airport Alexandria Airport-87 km 54 mishow
Jugtown Mountain Airport Jugtown Mountain Airport-87 km 54 mishow
Airport Hummel Seaplane Base Hummel Seaplane Base-87 km 54 mishow
Airport Terminal Ocean County Terminal Ocean County-87 km 54 mishow
Airport Cumulus Ridge Cumulus Ridge-87 km 54 mishow
Stewart International Airport Stewart International AirportKSWF, SWF88 km 55 mishow
Airport View Finder Balloonport View Finder Balloonport-88 km 55 mishow
Malone Airport Malone Airport-88 km 55 mishow
Blairstown Airport Blairstown Airport-88 km 55 mishow
Pleasant Valley Airport Pleasant Valley Airport-88 km 55 mishow
Hunters Hill Farm Airport Hunters Hill Farm Airport-88 km 55 mishow
Fly-N-D Landing Strip Airport Fly-N-D Landing Strip Airport-89 km 55 mishow
Lewis Landing Airport Lewis Landing Airport-89 km 55 mishow
Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport Igor I Sikorsky Memorial AirportBDR, KBDR89 km 56 mishow
Johnson Farms Airport Johnson Farms Airport-90 km 56 mishow
Airport J Lutz J Lutz-90 km 56 mishow
Matthews Airport Matthews Airport-90 km 56 mishow
McClister Airport McClister Airport-90 km 56 mishow
Windward Farms Airport Windward Farms Airport-91 km 56 mishow
Airport Robert J. Miller Air Park Robert J. Miller Air ParkKMJX, MJX91 km 57 mishow
Airport Island Beach Island Beach-91 km 57 mishow
Holiday Inn of New Hope Airport Holiday Inn of New Hope Airport-91 km 57 mishow
Orange County Airport Orange County AirportKMGJ, MGJ92 km 57 mishow
Zitone Airport Zitone Airport-92 km 57 mishow
Herr Brothers Airport Herr Brothers Airport-92 km 57 mishow
Eagles Lair Airport Eagles Lair Airport-92 km 57 mishow
Aerequus Airport Aerequus Airport-92 km 57 mishow
Erwinna Private Airport Erwinna Private Airport-93 km 58 mishow
Erkes Airport Erkes Airport-93 km 58 mishow
Mount Pleasant Landing Strip Airport Mount Pleasant Landing Strip Airport-94 km 58 mishow
Sullivan Airport Sullivan Airport-94 km 58 mishow
Middle Hope Airport Middle Hope Airport-94 km 59 mishow
Airport Flying Ridge Airstrip Flying Ridge Airstrip-94 km 59 mishow
Hoge Farm Airport Hoge Farm Airport-95 km 59 mishow
Air-List-Ads Airport Air-List-Ads Airport-95 km 59 mishow
Airport Point Pleasant Point Pleasant-95 km 59 mishow
Pennwood Farm Airport Pennwood Farm Airport-96 km 59 mishow
Buckingham Airport Buckingham Airport-96 km 60 mishow
Redwing Airport Redwing Airport-96 km 60 mishow
Vansant Airport Vansant Airport-96 km 60 mishow
Jarman Airport Jarman Airport-96 km 60 mishow
Brookhaven Airport Brookhaven AirportKHWV, WSH96 km 60 mishow
Gap View Airport Gap View Airport-97 km 60 mishow
Haney Airport Haney Airport-97 km 60 mishow
Markle Airport Markle Airport-98 km 61 mishow
Stott/Private Airport Stott/Private Airport-99 km 61 mishow
Stormville Airport Stormville Airport-99 km 61 mishow
Cedar Acres Private Group Airport Cedar Acres Private Group Airport-99 km 62 mishow
Hartung Airport Hartung Airport-100 km 62 mishow

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of airports around New York City: 15 km50 km